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Pathways through texture

Pathways through texture

€ 35,00Price

Embark on a captivating visual voyage with 'Pathways through texturea textured art piece that invites you to explore the harmonious interplay of contrasting elements. This remarkable artwork features a backdrop of rippled textures, reminiscent of undulating tides, against which intersecting path lanes gracefully traverse, uniting in a common direction.


Add a touch of intrigue and artistic depth to your living space with this thought-provoking artwork, allowing 'Pathways through texture to serve as a visual reminder of the beauty and interconnectedness of our individual paths."


    This product comes with a custom handmade wooden frame, already included in the price.

  • RIGHT TO RETURN (Right of withdrawal)

    Under the EU and UK’s distance selling laws, buyers have the right to return certain products for any reason by contacting the seller within 14 days. But this rule does not apply to custom-made products, which all art pieces in this shop are categorized as. But please let me know if there is any problem with your delivered order, we will find a way to figure it out.


    Shipping is possible within Europe and the delivery date of your ordered art piece will be 7-9 working days from the order date. If an order is completed before the expected shipping date, the delivery date will be adjusted accordingly.

    Shipping costs within Austria:
    Pieces smaller than 60x100 = 6€
    Pieces bigger than 60x100 = 24€

    Shipping costs within Europe (outside Austria):
    Pieces smaller than 60x100 =10€
    Pieces bigger than 60x100 = 30€

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